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Meet The Founders


Dr. Carl and Virginia Desmuke are CEO/ Founder/ Dean






Purposed as an anointed vessel of God, Apostle Desmuke is determined to assist the Body of Christ in fulfilling the Holy Scriptures, as desired by God to manifest the Kingdom of God in this earthly realm.  Apostle Desmuke has served the Lord faithfully, walking circumspectly and wise as a leader in the Body of Christ. He is a holy man of God, Chosen by God as an end-time Apostle who walks in Kingdom authority, wisdom, and understanding. He is anointed to reveal Kingdom Principles; as a result, he is heavily used by the Father to reveal the revelation knowledge of the believer's restoration in the Kingdom of God to ministries and churches globally.


As an anointed teacher of the Word of God, Apostle Desmuke has traveled nationally and internationally and served as Educational Director for several local and national Christian organizations and fellowships. He has written two life-changing books, The Revelation ofOur Relationship with Jesus Christ and I’m Saved – But I Have a Sinner’s Problem.


Apostle Desmuke is the founder of two nonprofit faith organizations in the state of Texas, The World Harvest Evangelistic Faith Ministries which focuses on evangelism and the making of disciples for Jesus the Christ. Also, the second is the Body of Christ Ministerial Alliance of Pastors and Ministries. This organization is established to provide a strong spiritual support system that will assist pastors and ministers in their time of need. It also is determined to provide fellowship to unite the Body of Christ both male and female to present unity and manifest wholeness. To assist the members of the fellowship in being an asset to local communities and cities in the hope of assisting in the resolution of problems that are present in our society.


In addition, Apostle Desmuke works as a life coach and a leading executive in the cooperate arena. In this position God has granted him the opportunity and privilege to impact the lives of men and women in secular settings and enlighten them from a spiritual perspective, helping believers and non-believers alike to come to the higher level of spiritual awareness.


Apostle Desmuke believes in the restoration of the whole person and that the entire man, (spirit, soul and body) must receive ministry. As the CEO/Founder of Spiritual Revelations Kingdom of God Theological Institute, he is endeavoring to bring the opportunity to men and women who seek the righteousness of God through Theological studies, to a fulfilling awareness by providing theological training and educational curriculum that is bible based.


The ministry of this "last day" Apostle covers over 36 years of ministry and 27 years in the Pastorate. His education includes Doctorate of Divinity - Heartland Bible College, Jackson, MO; Doctorate of Religious Counseling & Doctorate of Philosophy in Religious Education – Gospel Ministry Outreach Theological Institute (G.M.O.R), Houston, TX.

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Apostle Carl L. Desmuke, Sr. - President

D.R.C., D.D., Ph.D.

"One Word From God Can and Will Change Your Life"- Dr. Carl and Virginia Desmuke





Dr. Virginia has been preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ for 24 years.  She is dedicated to the work of the Lord, committed to the exaltation of Jehovah God and the Lord Jesus Christ and devoted to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Dr. Virginia is passionate about teaching the revealed knowledge of God and helping others receive the abundant life that is provided through and by Jesus the Christ.


Dr.  Virginia has had experience in the corporate world as an administrator, psychotherapist and family services advocate.  She did both her undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin where she majored in Social Welfare, Psychology, and Administration.  She received her Doctorate of Theology Degree and PhD. from the G.M.O.R. Theological Institute in Houston, TX


She has served as a Director and Instructor of the G.M.O.R. Theological Institute – Spiritual Revelations Extension.  Dr. Virginia is currently Dean of Academics for Spiritual Revelations KOGTI Extension Campuses in Austin, TX, Texarkana, TX, Little Rock, Arkansas, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and Uganda Africa.


She has been actively involved in Evangelism, Prison Ministry, and Youth Ministry and has served as Director of Christian Education in 

national and international organizations.

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D.R.C., Th.D., Ph.D.

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