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Our Mission & Vision


Dr. Carl and Virginia Desmuke are CEO/Founder



The Mission of Spiritual Revelations Kingdom of God Theological Institute is founded upon the Holy Scriptures. We are determined to help believers discover their Spiritual Essence, Spiritual Identity and Kingdom Mentality, through the study of the revealed Word of God and the evidence of the understanding by application of kingdom principles. 

We believe that as our instructors receive from God by the spirit of wisdom and revelation, that they through the knowledge of God will lead men and women in a learning experience that will enlighten the eyes of their understanding.

Our goal is to provide a spirit filled educational atmosphere that is conducive for life-changing knowledge to be imparted into the lives of the students. We believe the Word of God is equipped with everything we need for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the people of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works as declared in 2 Timothy 3:16-17.


Our Vision is directed by our God-given motto "Revealing the spirit of who you are, to understand your purpose in life." We believe that as students discover their true spiritual identity in Christ they are empowered to fulfill their purpose in life and reach their destiny as it is revealed in scripture, according to Romans 8:16-18. We will accomplish this one student at a time, as each student is cultivated and encouraged during their journey of kingdom discoveries with Spiritual Revelations KOGTI. As we focus on the following, our expectation is the production of well-informed mature believers equipped to fulfill their God-given purpose in life as members of the Body of Christ.

"We will accomplish this one student at a time".

  • The proclamation and explanation of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God as Jesus Christ preached it.

  • The provision of sound scriptural and theological studies.

  • The provision of courses that will give students a solid understanding of the principles of the Kingdom of God.

  • The provision of Holy Spirit inspired revelation that will produce the understanding of scripture and stability in the practical application of biblical Kingdom principles.

  • The empowerment of students to fulfill academic, professional and ministry passions.

  • To assistance students in the discovery of their spiritual identities from the biblical perspective.

  • Embracing and strengthening our faculty and staff in their dedication to teaching, mentoring, modeling and researching to provide services in the spirit of excellence.

  • Maintaining quality programs at a level of excellence that will enhance the lives of students, staff, and faculty of the institute.

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