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Dr. Margaret D. Pace- October & November Alumni of the Month

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Dr. Pace is hugely influential in the success of the Spiritual Relations KOGTI in the Little Rock region; she has been involved from the inception of the pilot program in Arkansas. Her love and dedication to the mission and vision of the school are second to none. She is focused and determined as a believer to give God all of the Glory in whatever she puts her hands to do.

Dr. Pace is an accomplished author, and she has two published works. Her inspirational writings are very motivating to like-minded believers. She is an ordained minister and is actively involved in ministry on several levels including community outreach in nursing homes and radio ministry. Her love of evangelism and disciple-making based on the Holy Scripture is a guiding element in everything that she does.

Her love for the knowledge of God keeps her fervent in studies and the accomplishment of educational goals. Her credentials include: *PH.D., Religious Education, June 2014 – GMOR Theological Institute – Houston, TX *TH.D., Religious Education, June 2012 – GMOR Theological Institute – Houston, TX *M.S., Interdisciplinary Studies (General Business), May 1985 – Texas AM&N – Texarkana, TX *B.A.A.S., Business Administration, May 1984 – Texas AM&N – Texarkana, TX *A.A.A.S., Vocational-Secretarial Studies, May 1983 – Texarkana Community College

Dr. Pace is a pillar of the Spiritual Revelations KOGTI community.

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