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Dr. Mary Adele Johnson-Philips-Alumni of the month

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

To God Be All Glory For The Things He Has Done! For He Has Done Great Things For Me!

As a three-time graduate of GMOR Theological Institute, Spiritual Revelations Extension, under the tutelage of Dr. Carl Desmuke and Dr. Virginia Desmuke, God engrossed my heart, elucidated my thinking, and purified my life.

The practical truths taught in the classroom, under the auspices of Holy Spirit, was the stimuli so necessary to propel the ministry within to the next dimension of what God has ordained for me to do in the Kingdom.

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The wisdom, knowledge, and understanding imparted by the Desmuke, truly instigated a paradigm shift in my life and ministry. The eyes of my understanding became enlightened all the more. A greater thirst and hunger for righteousness has been evoked as a result of their instructing in the Word of Truth.

I personally Praise and Thank God for the lives, ministry, obedience to God and the love for His people exhibited for us as we were present in the classroom, and I am sure, beyond that time, by the Desmuke.

As a graduate under the tutelage and leadership of such an anointed and dynamic single / duo as the Desmuke is, I would highly recommend Spiritual Revelations Kingdom Of God Theological Institute to every Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Teacher, Pastor, Minister, Elder, Bishop, Minister of Music, or Lay Person seeking an understanding of the Higher Calling of God in Christ Jesus, to enroll in this Institute NOW before the worldly powers that be mandate proof of your calling.

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