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Tips for Making the Most of a Reading Plan

Bible reading plans can help you grow as a follower of Christ. They guide you through reading the Bible, so that you can see God’s plan for this world and why it matters.

An intentional Bible reading plan also helps you stay committed. The regular cadence of reading, studying and applying God’s Word will help you develop Bible reading as a habit — something you work into your everyday routine.

Going through a reading plan makes sure that you don’t just camp out on your favorite Bible passages. Some of the stories in the Bible will surprise you. Some passages may puzzle you. Some verses you’ve never seen before will jump off the page. The element of surprise as you read through the entire Bible is one of the great reasons you should consider a reading plan.

But most importantly, it’s life change that we’re after. You’re not following a reading plan just to check off your Bible reading for the day. You’re meeting with God, who inspired the words of this Book. A reading plan that keeps God’s Word in front of you in a systematic and consistent way is a tool that God can use powerfully in your life.

But there are so many plans available. How do you decide? Let’s discover the right Bible reading plan for you by looking at what they offer.

Tips for Making the Most of a Reading Plan

We’ve looked at a number of Bible reading plans. Now how do you start one? Whichever plan you choose, keep in mind a few tips:

First, keep to a schedule. If you’re going to succeed at keeping with a Bible reading plan, you need to make an appointment for Bible reading just like you’d do with anything else you’d schedule.

Second, consider reading through your plan with a partner. Accountability is important to maintain consistency.

Third, make sure you find the right Bible to use as you follow your plan. There isn’t a single right Bible translation or edition for everyone. We all prefer to read in different ways. Some good options include:

You may feel discouraged if you fall behind in your reading plan, but don’t be. Remember, the beauty of a Bible reading plan is that it gets you reading the Bible and hearing the voice of God.

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